Welcome to Willesden Choi Kwang Do


If your looking for a no nonsense martial art that will help you improve your fitness levels, self confidence and equip you with real self defence skills, we can help you achieve your goal.

Choi Kwang Do combines a practical method of street self-defence and exhilarating cardiovascular workout with fun and exciting easy-to-learn techniques. Men, women & children of all ages can improve their health, fitness & confidence whilst learning one of the fastest growing and practical martial arts in the world


       Every Saturday, 12.00 - 13.30 at:

          Willesden Sports Centre
              Donnington Road 
                    NW10 3QX
             For more information and to book
            your free introduction session call:

     Mr Stephen Maberly 5th Dan             Chief Instructor & Examiner

                  07801 837 326     

        email: s_maberly@yahoo.co.uk