Stephen Maberly
Chief Instructor

Stephen Maberly is a 5th degree black belt, Chief Instructor and Examiner in Choi Kwang Do. He first became interested in martial arts around 11 years old after  watching Kung Fu on the telly. When he was 15 he started Judo, and after a successful 6 years he wanted to do something more geared towards self defence. After trying out a variety of martial arts including Karate and Hapkido, it wasn't until he found Choi Kwang Do in 1988 that he found what he was looking for.
He first started training with Marshal Pereira (Now Grandmaster Pereira 8th degree black belt). Every question asked about Choi Kwang Do received a common sense answer. Choi Kwang Do was the breath of fresh air that martial arts needed, with every technique designed to have a practical application. In June 1992 he reached 1st degree black belt and was an assistant instructor.
After a few years off to concentrate on work and family commitments he resumed training with Master Dario Arnese and it didn't take long to rekindle the reason he started Choi Kwang Do in the first place. In 2005 he reached his 2nd degree black belt and in January 2006 opened Dollis Hill Choi Kwang Do school. His students have ranged from 5 to 79 years old with a wide range of abilities.

In 2008 he got his 3rd degree black belt and in 2010 relocated to Willesden Sports Centre where the school has gradually grown in size and reputation.

In 2013 prior to the 25th anniversary seminar of Choi Kwang Do in the UK he graded for his 4th degree black belt.

In 2018 prior to the UK 30th anniversary seminar he graded for his 5th degree black belt and it now working towards his 6th degree

Dr Chrys Soteriou 
Head Instructor
Dr Chrys Soteriou is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor at Willesden Choi Kwang Do (CKD). He began is martial arts training in Judo and after many years of training found the natural next step was to cross train in other disciplines. After trying out Aikido, Taijutsu and Kung Fu, he was introduced in 2006 to Choi Kwang Do by Mr Stephen Maberly (3rdDegree Black Belt) and was immediately hooked.

As a dedicated student Dr Soteriou worked his way through the coloured belts motivated by not only the rigorous training and expert instruction provided by Mr Maberly but by the opportunity to help train others both at Willesden and at other CKD schools. He was awarded the title of Assistant Instructor in 2007 and went on to earn his First Degree Black Belt in 2009 - Willesden CKD's first black belt.

With more than 15 years experience in the martial arts, Dr Soteriou still continues to train intensively and was promoted to Head Instructor in early 2010. He enjoys teaching students, through the practice of CKD, to achieve their goals of confidence, optimum health and personal development.

In 2013, prior to the 25th anniversary seminar Dr Soteriou successfully graded for his 3rd degree black belt.

In 2018 prior to the UK 30th anniversary seminar he graded for his 4th degree black belt and is now working towards his 5th degree 


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